Ship-Back Insurance

International Solutions, Inc. Provides Repatriation (Ship-Back) insurance to cover ocean freight and trucking costs associated with the rejection of Hay/Forage at destination ports by governmental agents due to contamination, infestation or other public health reasons when such shipments are either returned to the original shipper or diverted to an alternate country.

Repatriation coverage applies whether freight is returned to the United States or directly on-forwarded to an alternative foreign destination.  Maximum allowable reimbursement is $5,500.00 per insured container (maximum 5 containers per B/L).

Prior to instituting Ship-Back coverage, we’ll review the documentation requirements with you to establish standard procedures.  Your company will be designated as the Certificate Holder for your export shipments.  Additionally, you may name Affiliates who might be shown as Shipper of Record on your export Ocean Bills of Lading.  Rest assured that the affiliates will not be contacted.  It is our way of protecting you so that you still receive direct payment on claims even when an Affiliate party is shown on the Ocean B/L.

Please note that to ensure proper coverage, changes to previously submitted documentation must be reported as soon as they become known.  For example, notify us when a carrier rolls a shipment to a later vessel, when sailing dates change or if tonnage is mis-stated.  In order to help us meet our goal of processing claims promptly, we need accurate, complete and timely information.

Kindly fax your documents to us at (562) 690-9963 on 8 ½ x 11 inch paper or email them by attachments to Ms. Julie Walker in La Habra, California at

Please include the following items for each shipment (Booking):

  • Copy of rated Ocean B/L (or copy of Ocean B/L plus freight rate if not shown on B/L)
  • Copy of Commercial Invoice
  • Copy of Packing List


Premiums are based on the Repatriation Coverage (Ship-Back Insurance) Application data.



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