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At International Solutions, Inc. we pride ourselves in being a leader in logistics.

  • International Solutions, Inc. employs personnel with recognized expertise in every aspect of international logistics documentation.
  • You always have at your disposal knowledgeable professionals to answer questions and assist with your documentation needs and special requirements.
  • ISI seasoned documentation professionals familiar with our accounts’ individual needs prepare commercial invoices, packing lists certificates of origin, consular invoices, legalizations, and other required certificates
    in-house.  Unlike many forwarders, ISI does not sub-contract banking or other services.
  • You are assured of compliance with laws of the U.S. and destination country so neither your documents nor shipments are delayed.  Prompt accurate documentation helps you to satisfy the service needs of your overseas customers.  ISI provides immediate answers on shipment and payment status.  You get paid faster since all documents remain in-house, rather than going back and forth via courier to a sub-contractor.
  • ISI has full Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capability that is an integral part of ISI’s day-to-day operations.  The vast majority of Ocean Carriers permit ISI to prepare and print their respective Bills of Lading in our office.
  • Using the latest technology improves communication by reducing the likelihood of misunderstanding.  Accounts who take advantage of EDI speed up communications and reduce costs by instantly transmitting information back and forth with ISI.  You get paid faster for your shipments while avoiding the inconvenience and penalties associated with late submittal of required banking and export paperwork..


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We develop Ocean Cargostrong relationships with all our transportation partners, allowing us to choose the right combination of speed, economy and reliability for your shipments.

We are here to book your commodity from all USA ports of exit to worldwide destinations.