Export Documents

Export Documents must be submitted to the consignee (customer), the consignee’s bank or the exporter’s (shipper/seller) bank before payment can be made.  A specific transaction will not necessarily require all of the following documents, but various shipments to different destinations may require one or more.

  1. Commercial Invoice:  As with domestic sales, a commercial invoice follows every export shipment.  The Department of Commerce keeps a list of requirements from each country, or if you prefer contact an ISI staff member.

  2. Bill of Lading:  The Ocean Bill of Lading serves as
      1. A contract of carriage between shipper and carrier
      2. A verification of the receipt of the goods
      3. An identification of the right to title to the goods

As is appropriate for each shipment, either a straight consignment or negotiable (“to order”) bill of lading is issued.  “To order” bills of lading are used as payment instruments for letters of credit and sight drafts.

  1. Packing List:  Contains a complete description of the goods and packaging being shipped.  Often officials at other ports of embarkation and debarkation use the packing list to verify the type and quality of goods in the shipment.

  2. Certificate of Origin:  Some countries require a Certificate of Origin of the goods.  This certificate is countersigned by a Chamber of Commerce member and visaed by the country’s resident consul at the port of embarkation.

  3. Inspection Certificate:  Many buyers request an affidavit from the shipper, or a third-party (eg. SGS) inspection certificate, certifying the quality, quantity, and description of the goods.

  4. Dock Receipts, Warehouse Receipts, etc.:  Receipts from the storage company indicate that goods have been received and are awaiting further disposition.

  5. Letters of Credit:  Copies of Letters of Credit must be sent prior to vessel departure directly to International Solutions, Inc. in order to ensure proper preparation of documents and prompt payment for the goods.

  6. Insurance Certificate:  Where sellers are to provide cargo insurance, an insurance certificate must be furnished, indicating the type and amount of coverage.  Contact an ISI staff member for coverage options and rates.



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