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In the thriving and ever-expanding business environment of the USA, exporters serving the international marketplace must depend on the expertise, guidance and innovation of an international export ocean freight provider that sees beyond the obvious and adjusts to changing conditions.

International Solutions, Inc. is just such a company.

Our Capabilities

Our focus is on handling medium to high volume export movements at the highest level of service.  We serve as an extension of the Shipper’s own international department by placing our general industry knowledge at your disposal.

Cost Sensitive Approach

International Solutions, Inc. offers you an efficient and cost-effective way to handle your ocean exports.  Our attention to detail has greatly contributed to our recognized reputation for excellence throughout the export community.

Custom Shipping Solutions

Whether your export shipping needs are immediate, or you're considering the advantages of bringing our complete support services into your future international endeavors, we will be pleased to immediately respond to your inquiry.

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It is our firm commitment to always treat every shipper as an honored dignitary:  every day, every time, without fail, no exceptions.